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Baby Safety Proof Magnetic Cupboard Locks

The hook from my Lock is not moving

If the hook is not moving when you test the magnet against a non-installed lock, check if the lock has been set to 'open'. They arrive like this to prevent cupboards from accidentally being locked during installation. To make them work, push the...

Why can't I open the cupboard door with my Magnetic Key?

Please try the following troubleshooting steps: 1. You have removed the magnetic key from its base holder. Twist the cap to remove it. The keys do still open doors in the holder but the magnetic reach is greater if removed. 2. The hook moves back...

What's the best way to remove the Locks?

The best way to remove the Locks is to apply a bit of gentle heat, for example, a hairdryer on a low setting, to the lock and catch plate. You don't need much, the 3M adhesive will soften and become pliable quite quickly. Slide a sturdy knife under t

Why can't I get the Locks to stick in place?

Tips and tricks to getting the most from the adhesive:. 1. Clean and dry the surface of the area where you would like to install the Locks.2. Gently warm the 3M tape (e.g. with a hairdryer) to soften the adhesive and make it stick better. 3. It reall