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The hook from my Lock is not movingUpdated 4 months ago

If the hook is not moving when you test the magnet against a non-installed lock, check if the lock has been set to 'open'. They arrive like this to prevent cupboards from accidentally being locked during installation. To make them work, push the hook forward until you hear a click. Until this is done, the hook won't move at all via the magnet (or if you try and gently move it with your finger).

If the hook is clicked forwards and moves freely with your finger, the issue could be with the lock or the magnetic key.

We advise to:
- Check if the hook doesn't move with both magnetic keys. If so, the issue is likely with the lock.
- Check if the key can move the hook on any of the locks. If so, the issue is likely with the key.

If the hook still doesn't move, please contact our friendly Customer Care Team, who will be happy to help!

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