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Why can't I open the cupboard door with my Magnetic Key?Updated 4 months ago

Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. You have removed the magnetic key from its base holder. Twist the cap to remove it. The keys do still open doors in the holder but the magnetic reach is greater if removed.
2. The hook moves back and forth when you press the magnetic key against a lock on an opened door. Ensure that the lock is set to open mode.

If the above is OK, put the magnet against the door, and gently push the door to give the hook a bit more clearance space to move. The lock may be installed too far away from the catch.

In case you are still unable to open the door, unfortunately the only answer would be to try and pull open the door and lift the locks off where they are fixed.    

The easiest way to achieve this is to grab a hairdryer and blow some warm air down the gaps of the door near where the lock is installed. This warm air will begin to soften the adhesive and make it easier for you to pull the lock-free. 

Should you need any further assistance, please contact our friendly Customer Care Team!

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