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Temporary Blackout Curtains

How do I set the Curtains?

Suction Cup Set Up: Wet the suction cups with your fingertips and clean water. Attach the top of the curtain by placing the suction cups in your chosen location and apply pressure. Start from the top of the curtain and work your way around to the...

What is the maximum window size I can use the Blackout Curtain on?

Our Blackout Curtain is intended for use on clean, dry windows that measure up to 130 x 200 cm. Simply fold and resize the curtain to your desired size using the velcro fasteners. To permanently attach the curtain to the window frame, glue the additi

How do I remove the suction cups?

To remove the suction cups:. 1. Pull the tab on each suction cup to let in air and release the suction.2. Please DO NOT pull on the curtain itself as this may cause damage to the curtain or surface.