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How many user modes does my Baby Monitor have?Updated 4 months ago

Our Baby Monitor has six modes that can be activated by pressing the menu button:

1. Camera Mode - This mode allows you to pair/delete cameras from your monitor.
2. VOX Mode - This mode allows you to set how sensitive the monitor is to the sounds picked up by the camera. Once the noise hits the threshold of the setting that you have selected, the monitor will wake up and will project the sounds from the camera.
3. Temperature Mode - When activated, Temperature Mode will send you a push notification if your baby’s room is hotter or colder than the thresholds set by you.
4. Feeding Timer Mode - Feeding Timer Mode allows you to set an alarm as a reminder to wake your baby up after they have had the sleep required or to remind you that it is feeding time.
5. Lullabies Mode - Lullabies Mode allows you to play a selection of pre-recorded lullabies to help send your baby to sleep.
6. Settings - Select this mode to change the language, time zone, or settings on your monitor.

Once on the menu screen, use the arrow buttons to select the mode. Press the menu button again to go back to the previous screen at any point.

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