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How do I replace the battery?Updated 4 months ago

To replace the battery, open the cover located on the back of the Thermometer.

  • Use a coin and twist the cover in the direction indicated by ‘OPEN’. If the cover is tight, you can use a suitable thin tool to gently prise it free.
  • Take care not to drop or lose the transparent waterproof sealing ‘ring’ which is attached to the cover. Loss of this will cause the product not to remain waterproof and may cause it to stop working permanently.
  • Remove the battery and replace it with a new one of the correct type.
  • Ensure the waterproof ring is still in place.
  • Put on the battery cover and use a coin to twist in the direction indicated by ‘CLOSE’.
  • Do not disassemble this product other than to change the battery.
  • Make sure you install the battery with the polarity in the correct direction.
  • Keep all batteries out of reach of children. Batteries are a serious hazard and can easily be swallowed.
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